To build a Life

Educating and training are fundamental priorities in free and democratic societies and a shared responsibility between the family, the school and the entire educational community.

For us, educating means preparing everyone to exercise their full citizenship, allowing each person to fulfill and fully develop as a free, responsible and autonomous being.

In modern societies, in which work and the exercise of professional activity are essential elements to the life project of every working age citizen, education and training, as vehicles for personal and labor qualification, are the most powerful instrument of social inclusion, and the undeniable condition of a responsible, active and participative citizenship.

1997 – 2019
Manuel António da Mota Vocational Training Center

The Manuel António da Mota Vocational Training Center was created in 1997, in the city of Porto, under the auspices of the Mota-Engil Group. During its term, it carried out numerous courses in the areas of engineering and construction, electricity and energy, safety and hygiene at work, secretariat and administration, and quality.

Located in the Quinta de Bonjóia complex, it worked within the Alternate Learning system, allowing for double academic and professional certification, while favouring insertion into the labour market and further studies.
The Training Center ended its activity in April 2019.





648 mil€


Young Entrepreneurs – Building the Future

Funded by “Portugal Inovação Social” under a “Partnership for Impact”, this is an innovative project to empower young people for entrepreneurship in a school context.

The action program is developed in high schools in Amarante. It has the Foundation as a social investor and main supporter since the 1st edition and takes place over a school year, with the purpose of motivating young people to question in a critical and constructive way their current view of the world.

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Educational Success

Study Nook

Funded by “Portugal Inovação Social” under a “Partnership for Impact”, “Study Nook” has the Municipality of Vila Nova de Gaia as its social investor, being responsible for the Foundation responsible for its execution.

It intends to implement an innovative integrated program for the development of specific and specific study skills for each child, focusing on the potential of each one.

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