We value culture and access to cultural assets

Valuing culture and promoting access to cultural assets are an important objective for the Foundation, seeking to support institutions and initiatives that promote a closer relationship between citizens and culture, disseminating and supporting the work of young artists and carrying out its own projects that enrich the national cultural panorama, in a cross-cutting framework with the other strategic objectives of the Foundation, in which social development, education, training and culture are interconnected and interdependent.

The Foundation’s strategy in cultural matters also involves the use of its spaces and areas surrounding its location, as spaces of choice for carrying out cultural initiatives and which also allow cultural agents to be equipped with the necessary  conditions to carry out their artistic work.

The Foundation also provides a range of support to cultural agents from different areas, in a context of action guided by the convergence between their objectives and the Foundation’s strategic orientation in this field.





1.389 mil€


Annual music cycle at the Foundation Auditorium

Created in 2014, the “Culturaviva” program seeks to serve as a brand and reference to the cultural events that take place in the Foundation’s venues, in particular in its auditorium, complementing the cultural offer that has its exhibition hall as its stage, a more multifunctional space dedicated to the plastic arts and related forms of artistic expressions.

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National Contest for Plastic Expression Works by People with Intellectual Disabilities

CRIDEM – National Contest for Plastic Expression Works by People with Intellectual Disabilities is an initiative of APPACDM in Porto. Up to 2006, it had 13 editions, the year in which this event was interrupted.
Ten years later, in 2016, with the support of the Manuel António da Mota Foundation and the Montepio Foundation, it was reissued.

The biennial CRIDEM – National Contest of Plastic Expression Works by People with Intellectual Disabilities re-integrates a great notoriety and prestige initiative that left an indelible mark in the thirteen previous editions between institutions linked to disability, and their real artists and protagonists of the initiave.

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The Foundation Choir

Originating from the Foundation’s ARTES programme, the constitution of the Senior Choir sought to meet the spirit that presided over the 2012 European Year of Active Aging and Solidarity between Generations.

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Cultural Offer

The Foundation’s exhibition room is designed for a multitude of uses, and can accommodate all types of expressions in the field of visual and performing arts.
Since its inauguration in June 2013, the hall has been the stage for high-quality artistic achievements, welcoming and selecting proposals from cultural agents who seek it and meeting the growing interest of the various audiences that visit it.

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